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Resurrection Preschool is a ministry of Resurrection Episcopal Church, Rockdale.  Resurrection Preschool seeks to help children in this community develop to their full potential physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually; all while learning within a faith-based setting.  
We believe that each child is a loving and capable human being with the potential to grow and learn. Resurrection Preschool is committed to meeting the needs of the total child with learning opportunities for social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.  It is our intention to provide each child with the tools to make her/his growth and development a reality.  Parents have expectations when they bring a child to preschool.  Some are as general as wanting their children to be exposed to other children to the parents who want their children reading and writing by the end of the four year old program.
Our task as educators is to find the middle ground and to provide the child with the best experience that we possibly can while at the same time attending to their growth and devleopment in preparation for their move into kindergarten.  To that end we will seek to be partners with parents in this endeavor.
Getting into Kindergarten is no longer just a matter of being registered.  The majority of school districts now does some sort of preliminary testing and may even send children to Pre-Kindergarten summer school to help them make the grade for entrance to Kindergarten in the fall.  To that end it is incumbent upon us to make sure that children in our preschool are as well prepared as they can possibly be.
Acknowledging that children do develop at different rates, there are certain expectations for children entering Kindergarten.  We use the kindergarten readiness guidelines as we teach the children in the 4/5 classes.
This list outlines some of the readiness skills that are important to help prepare the children for their move into Kindergarten.  A breakdown by age bracket follows.  Please note that in our age bracket for 4 year olds, we are teaching beyond some of the required expectations.
Language Skills
develop language through daily conversation
o speak in complete thoughts and sentences
o listen to a story for 5-10 minutes
o follow a set of two directions
o recite simple nursery rhymes
o recognize first name in print
o recognize some letters of the alphabet in print out of order
o count from 1-10
o identify the number of objects in a set from 1-5
Motor Skills
o print first name
o have experience with scissors, crayons and pencil
o be able to button and/or zip outer wear

PreSchool Goals

Aims/Goals for Pre-Kindergarten


1)   Encourage conversation through Question & Answer, Show & Tell,
        open-ended questions and discussion.
2)   Ability to express ideas and feelings.
3)   Ability to understand relationship between oral language and
        written word.
4)   Introduce numbers, letters, shapes, colors, beginning sounds, and
5)   Understand theories of math: sets, patterns, classification, etc.
6)   Continue to develop large and small muscle skills through various
7)   Encourage early writing and reading skills through hands on
8)    Introduce various types of music, literature, and creative and
          artistic experiences.
9)    Ability to interact with others.
10)  Encourage social interaction with peers in large and small group
11)   Ability to use conflict resolution.
12)   Encourage use of imagination of a creativity.
13)   Ability to stay on task
14)   Ability to follow 3-step directions.
15)   Recognize first and last name in print
16)   Count from 1-20
17)   Identify numbers from 1-20 out of order
18)   Print first and last name
1)   Encourage independence.
2)   Develop self-help skills.
3)   Encourage social interaction with peers in a one-on-one situation
         and in a group situation.  Examples: sharing and conflict
4)   Ability to appropriately express ideas and feelings.
5)   Ability to make a smooth transition from one activity to another.
Aims/Goals for 3 Year-Olds


6)     Introduce letters, numbers, shapes and colors.
7)     Introduce various musical, literary, scientific and creative
8)     Introduce writing and reading skills through hands on experience.
9)     Develop large and small muscle skills through various activites.
10)   Ability to follow two-step directions.
11)   Encourage use of imagination and creativity.

Sample Report Cards

Sample Pre-Kindergarten Report Card


Sample 3 Year Old Report Card


Supplemental Evaluation for 3 & 4 Year Olds


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